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A Day at Azienda Agricola Poliziano



Recently on a trip to Tuscany, which I have been to numerous times, I decided to take a drive to Montepulciano. Believe it or not, Siena and the Chianti Classico area from Siena to Florence is what I know, and of course Bolgheri and Montalcino… Vino Nobile is a very elegant and well-known wine as well so this adventure was bound to be a fun one.

Poliziano is a wine that I have drank before and really think the quality is great. So I decided why not go to Azienda Agricola Poliziano and get to know this Tuscan area of Montepulciano on the border of beautiful Cortona? Afterall, being based near the Medieval town of Siena, Montepulciano is definitely a feasible day trip.

It was a beautiful, Sunny day and upon arrival, men were busy in the vineyards with their tractors. Springtime in Tuscany is the time where pruning of the vines and pesticide spraying is done, so there was a very lively buzz to Poliziano. I met my guide Jennifer who is an American that lives in Montepulciano. She was pleasant and very informative. Upon arriving at Azienda Agricola Poliziano and looking around, I had imagined a medium production winery but Jennifer informed me that annual production at poliziano is of 600,000 bottles per year. This is not a small production winery by any means but their harvesting and winemaking techniques are meticulous nonetheless and resemble those of a “boutique” winery.

All the harvesting at Azienda Agricola Poliziano is done by hand so as not to squish any grapes out in the vineyard or harm them in any way. Machines tend to be quicker but rougher. Also, something I really love is that the agronomist at Poliziano decides not to use any chemical fertilizer but instead is strictly 100% organic.

A lot of wineries use a system of irrigation for the months when mother nature decides to stay dry. In Poliziano, they do not use an irrigation method. This is because naturally, Vitis Vinifera Vine roots tend to dig really deep to find water. This in turn gives the grapes a more concentrated minerality aspect because the roots have to go to the subsoil to get water and this is where tons of natural minerals are found. If an irrigation system were used in the vineyards, the vines would find their water source with more ease near the topsoil and would not reach the minerals below.

The vine training system at Poliziano is the Cordone Sferonato where the vines grow on trellises close to the soil. This is done on purpose so that the Sangiovese grape clusters that hang down can get some humidity from the soil at night.

All in all, the day spent in Montepulciano was great. The Wines at Poliziano are top class and the Winery is very mindful of all their winemaking process and procedures. A visit I highly recommend!