The Global Grape


Grapes have gone global! Really, have they?…

Cabernet grapes are synonymous of Bordeaux or California right? Well hold it right there. Just as world economies become more global and mass migrations of people make their way to different countries in search of new horizons and opportunities, so is Vitis Vinifera (or the wine grape). Think of Malbec and your mind automatically wanders to the Southern Hemisphere, a grape ravished in France by Phylloxera. Just as a certain terroir brings out a wines “sense of place”, modern-day vintners are looking to achieve new nuances and characteristics to grapes and wines typically from a certain area…

Wait a minute… Malbec wine from Australia? Yes…

I have been holding on to this interesting find in my cellar for two years. The summer heat is definitely over and it’s time to drink big bold reds and eat richer foods again.

The wine I will break down today is the 2011 Vinaceous Voodoo Moon Malbec. This wine is from a single vineyard site in a town in South Western Australia called Margaret River. The town is located 6 miles inland from the Indian Ocean and it’s climate is humid Mediterranean, with an average annual rainfall of around 44 inches. This would tell me that the days are hot and the nights get the cool Indian Ocean air, perfect for grape growing.

Upon first appearance, the Voodoo Moon Malbec is clear with no sediment. Slow and sleek legs give signs of a higher alcohol wine. The color is a beautiful rich, deep and inky purple with a ruby rim.

On the nose, stewed plums, sour cherries and dark berries abound. Dry dark soil, wet river stones and a hint of vanilla baking spice permeate the air.

On the palate, the Vinaceous Voodoo Moon Malbec has a full bodied mouthfeel with medium plus tannins. Notes of sour cherries, unripe plums, blackberries, violet flowers, delicate notes of vanilla baking spice, black peppercorns, with dry soil and river stones coat the palate in an elegant well balanced manner.

In conclusion, I find this Malbec to be a true gem… In comparison to most Argentine Malbecs, I would say that the 2011 Vinaceous Voodoo Moon Malbec is a much less rustic and earthy wine with less minerality than its Argentine counterpart. This is by no means a Monday night wine. With structured body and tannins this wine is made in a very modern Australian screw cap manner. Almost like a jammy Shiraz…

Imported by The Country Vintner, Ashland Virginia and with a 14.5% alcohol level, I would forget the churrasco and Chimichurri and “turn on the barbie mate” for a juicy Australian Kobe beef or pair with a burger with beetroot aioli or a typical Australian meat pie… For $13-19, find this wine online at… Cin Cin and enjoy!

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