Ristorante Duomo Ibla-Ragusa, Sicily



In the heart of the beautiful and mystical city of Ibla-Ragusa, Sicily lies the famous Ristorante Duomo. This restaurant has earned a prestigious 2 Michelin Star acclaim… Chef Ciccio Sultan uses techniques of simplicity and minimalism to create composite plates and seductive, baroque food, skillfully anchored to the gastronomic traditions of the island. The service is impeccable, and the wines and cuisine are incredibly harmonious. Ristorante Duomo is located on Via Bocchieri, 31, Località Ragusa Ibla-Ragusa, Sicily. For those of you who are wondering, Duomo means cathedral in Italian.


For the amuse bouche, Chef Ciccio delighted my palate with a roll of swordfish tartare that just melted away in my mouth… The server will hand you a contraption which is a one piece stainless steel chopstick (which seemed more like tweezers). Although sort of awkward, I suggest you use them!


Next, and for a delightful palate cleanser, Chef Ciccio sent out a wafer thin crostini with a truffle ice cream foam topped with truffle spherification… This small plate was playful, modern, and velvety. Truly an amazing experience of textures and flavors on the palate.


After the palate cleanser and off the menu, I ordered a breaded and smoked ricotta salata cake with dots of Nero d’ Avola wine reduction and a charred purple onion… Superb!


Next, I ate a succulent medium-rare steak filet with grilled artichokes stuffed with cheese and again, a Nero d’ Avola wine reduction. The steak was grilled to perfection! My wine of choice was the 2010 Tasca d’Almerita Cabernet from Palermo which I highly recommend.


Beautiful, design stainless steel olive oil vessel!


Although the dessert menu looked amazing, I passed on this since my server brought out a lovely assortment of elegant, petite pastries on the house…. If ever in Sicily, Ristorante Duomo is a place that I highly recommend for the incredible gastronomic experience. Chef Ciccio Sultan is a true artist in his craft and although not so cheap, you pay for what you get! For reservations call 0932651265. Good luck and buon appetito!

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