Wine Saver To The Rescue…


How many of you have sat down to dinner at home with a nice bottle of wine and not finished the bottle? Well, ok maybe not on a weekend but definitely during the week… Only to find that a few days later, your wine turned to vinegar. Don’t fret because wine savers do exist, and less spoilage means more enjoyment and money in your pocket!

In my opinion, there are plenty of useless wine gadgets around but also some good, useful ones. I wonder sometimes if people who don’t drink wine are the creators of such useless gadgets… Anyways, I will mention one method to save your wines from spoilage.

As mentioned in previous posts, oxygen in a bottle while in storage can be very detrimental to a wine. This is a bit confusing and sounds contradictory since initially, upon opening a wine, oxygen is it’s best friend. This is because the juice has been in a hermetic environment for so long that it needs to “breathe” to let strong alcohol aromas out and let the true bouquet reveal itself.

So in order for wines not to spoil so quickly (because all open wine spoils with time) I use the Vacu Vin wine vacuum. This device stops the oxidating process of wine by eliminating oxygen from an open bottle. The Vacu Vin lets one vacuum out the oxygen in an open bottle by inserting a rubber stopper in the bottle, and via suction creates a hermetic seal by the rubber expanding. It is an easy device to use… When you hear a clicking sound while pumping, voila, your job is done!

I have worked with wine and hospitality establishments extensively and this device to me, seems to work perfectly. Although I am not a scientist by any means, I have done the tests myself to see how efficient the Vacu Vin really is. I have tested this device while offering a day old wine to a client and just fine even after 3 days. I first tried the same wine with the vacu Vin and with just re-inserting the natural cork back into the bottle. The bouquet seemed to stay pretty similar to the first day by using the Vacu Vin…

There have been studies that state the Vacu Vin stoppers lose total pressure overnight. I totally disagree and this has never happened with my stoppers. I feel that in an industry, if the tools of the trade that you use pass the tried and tested method they are great. It’s like a fireman who does not use fire retardant boots in a fire… But when he uses the proper ones, they don’t melt! And of course, if you do suction your same bottle for three days, this could cause all the bouquet to dissipate out of your wine. But if used correctly, the vacu vin is a cool tool to keep at home and I do recommend one. For only $13.00 , you can find them at Total Wine or online at Amazon. Cin cin!

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