Poseidon Greek Restaurant and outdoor lounge Miami




Three years ago, I had the immense pleasure of navigating the Greek isles and getting to know this extremely friendly, vibrant culture with all of its beautiful islands glistening in the Aegean Sea like gems that they are. The food is amazing, the wines are unique and I fell in love.

Upon returning to Miami from my Greek odyssey, I have been on a quest to find a Greek restaurant which portrays all of the friendliness and bounty that Greece has to offer. Last night I was meandering South Beach. Washington Avenue to be exact and was thinking that the beach really lacks a Greek/Mediterranean restaurant. I am not a big Yelp fan since it can sometimes be very biased. I go more on my first foodie instinct… Just before me, I saw a blue sign with a big Poseidon fork as a logo (hence the name), and I decided to give it a try.

On arrival, I felt the warm friendly vibes I had experienced in Greece as my server sat me at my table. First, I ordered a glass of the Maschofilero wine from one of Greece’s biggest volume producing wineries, Boutari. There is something about this fresh wine from the high altitude Pelopponese Mountains with lovely acidic, floral citrus notes that just brings me back to the Aegean Islands. Next, I decided to order the Greek national cheese (Feta). This was like no other Feta I have ever tried. Drizzled with very dark green, Greek olive oil and sprinkled with fresh thyme and oregano leaves this was the softest, freshest most velvety Feta ever (the server told me it was imported). Next, I ordered the Moussaka which is one of my all-time favorite Greek dishes. It was delectable and the ingredients tasted so fresh.

The vision for Poseidon was born in 2009, when brothers Vasilios and Demetrios Pyliotis noticed the lack of Greek restaurants on South Beach. Vasilios is a Graduate of Florida International University with a degree in Nutrition. While looking for a spot for a restaurant, they stumbled upon a place which would house their dream. This is when Poseidon came to Life. The brothers use all natural ingredients, which include seafood and meats from their native country and it shows in the quality. “we want to make Poseidon a destination, a window to Greece” says Vasilios.

All in all, this is a restaurant that I highly recommend due to its friendly family atmosphere, fresh food and great service. I was even given a glass of ouzo, a wonderful Greek digestive after dinner drink (so nice of them!) and had a lovely chat with Vasilios himself. Located at 1131 Washington avenue Miami, Fl., Poseidon is a place I will definitely be returning to…

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One Comment on “Poseidon Greek Restaurant and outdoor lounge Miami”

  1. Irene Caplan
    January 17, 2014 at 2:48 pm #

    Tenemos que il al restuarante Griego cuando te vayamos a visitar en el verano!!Me encanto como escribistes el articulo. Entretenido e informativo.

    Te deseo un excelente curso este fin de semana. Estare pensando en ti.Te quiero con todo mi corazon;MA

    Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2014 19:44:36 +0000 To: irene_caplan@hotmail.com

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