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Taranta Restaurant and Cantinetta Vintners Wine Training in Tuscany



Many people ask me questions on how wine is made… Without a doubt, the most important part of the winemaking process is fermentation… During the fermentation process live yeasts feed on the sugars of the pressed grape juice. These yeasts then produce alcohol, carbon dioxide and heat which change the flavors of the grape juice into those of wine. Alcohol is important because it helps in the extraction of tannins, colors and flavors.

The process for white winemaking is add grapes to crusher, crush the grapes, press and then ferment. The process for red winemaking is add grapes to crusher, crush the grapes, ferment and then press.

The flesh of almost all wine grape varietals is white. So how does wine get it’s respective color if the flesh is all white? The color of red and rosé wine is obtained by soaking the colored skins in the pressed grape juice. For rosé wine, skins are left in contact with the juice for very little after the pressing…

White wine can be made from white or black grapes. Red wine can only be made from black grapes. Makes sense does’nt it? If grape skins give color to wine it is obvious that red wine could not be made from white grapes. By the way, aging is a topic I’ll cover on a later post.

I hope this all made sense… My general purpose is to demystify wine and make it easy and fun!
Now go ahead and show your knowledge at your next tasting. Enjoy.