2007 Starry Night Old Vine Zinfandel


So, its summer, and I have been enjoying Red Zinfandel for some reason. Maybe because it goes so well with barbecue or because of its complex characteristics… Forget the American White Zin and although some people may like it, it’s sweet and tastes like wine cooler… Red zin on the other hand is complex, smokey and has attitude.

I happened to stumble upon this one at Wine by the Bay near downtown Miami. My mission was to grill a steak dish and pair it with just the right wine. A zin with my favorite van Gogh painting… Good recommendations and Voila!

Starry Night Vineyards became a bonded winery only 12 years ago. Started by four friends who had an amateur passion for winemaking, Starry night winery has grown into a winery that makes some very respectable wines and the 2007 Starry night Old Vine Zinfandel is one of them.

These four friends were tired of overpriced large quantity wines and decided to do something about it. After countless courses at UC Davis and tons of homemade amateur wine, Starry night Vineyards is Born. The wines are all hand crafted limited production wines and the winery is located in the Alexander Valley AVA.

On appearance, the 2007 Starry Night Old Vine Zinfandel is a clear wine that has a medium high intensity and beautiful garnet color with ruby rim. The legs are a medium plus showing signs of a medium, fuller bodied wine.

On the nose, this wine is of sound condition with a medium plus intensity. I sensed ripe fruit, stewed plums, ripe cherries and blackberries. For minerality, on the nose, a hint of wet dark soil and wet stone were definitely present. There was some presence of new wood also violets, leather, white pepper and bay leaf.

On the palate, the Starry Night Old Vine Zin is an off dry wine with a medium bodied mouthfeel. I can confir with the nose on all the fruit, earth and wood components. Other notes are of violets, leather, chocolate, ground bayleaf and white pepper. Tannins are medium high and alcohol is a medium plus. Acidity is medium with a medium plus complexity and a very enjoyable medium plus finish.

I paired this wine with my Steak recipe in the pairing section and really enjoyed. A wine I would definitely have again. The retail price is $25 but well worth it…

Alcohol level is 14.4% which made my recipe balance out the acids and alcohol in the wine.
Enjoy and Cin Cin!

Categories: Reds

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