Grilled, Black Coffee Dusted Black Angus Medallions with a Red Zinfandel Dried Fruit Compote



Summertime! The season of being outside enjoying the sun, friends, good wine and let’s not forget grilling and entertaining… So, I know a lot of wine magazines are doing the whole summer grilling thing with wines. I decided to make my own grillin’ recipe with wine pairing. It turned out to be flawless and I really enjoyed. It was simple and took no time (maybe 1/2 hour max).

For the Ingredients you will need the following:
– Cherries, apricots, cranberries, pomegranates all dried. Find at supermarket.
– Thyme
– Eschalottes
– Balsamic glaze
– Garlic
– Olive oil
– Honey golden potatoes
– Barefoot Zinfandel
– Wondra quick-mixing flour
– Coffee, sea salt, ground pepper
– Black angus or filet mignon medallions (1 per person)

For the sauce, chop a handful of each of the dried fruits. Peel and fine dice a medium sized eschalotte. Next, put about a tablespoon and a half olive oil in a medium sized saucepan on high heat and turn to medium when hot. Add the eschalottes. Immediately add the chopped fruits and when fruit is caramelized and the eschalottes are golden, deglaze with 1/2 cup of the Zinfandel. Let the wine reduce and add a teaspoon of balsamic glaze. Add the remaining wine until the bottle is half full (See, totally an optimist). Things are looking good so far…

Add in about 3 or 4 sprigs of thyme, a pinch of salt and ground pepper. Keep reducing and add a sprinkle of Wondra quick-mixing flour. This acts as a thickening agent…

The sauce is done when thickened but still some liquid remains. It will be of a compote consistency.

For the roasted potato side, I used honey golden potatoes. They are creamy inside and delicious!
First wash and dry the potatoes. Dice into quarters. Fine dice another eschalotte and sliver a large garlic clove.

In a large skillet heat enough oil on high to fry potatoes and when hot reduce to medium. Add the garlic and when golden remove the garlic (I guarantee that if you leave it in the oil it will burn)…

Next, carefully add the potatoes to the hot oil and add sea salt and ground pepper to taste. Guys, not all sea salt is the same. I have 4 different sea salts from Gourmet Nut and I used the Hawaiian red sea salt. Any will do, but I highly recommend getting a small variety kit to keep at home. Sautee until just tender and transfer potatoes to a hot oven (400 degrees) on roast or broil until golden on all sides.

For the steak medallions, add sea salt, ground pepper and lightly dust both sides with black ground coffee. I used the Juan Valdez Finca Fuerte (nice earthy and smoky characteristics). I also used a Northwest smoked alderwood sea salt. Heat a grill… I use a double sided breville press grill because of lack of space but any big gas or charcoal grill will work. For a medium rare steak, grill for 5 minutes on each side. If you have a grill press, grill steaks for 5 minutes.

This is a smoky dish with red fruits and oily, salted roasted potatoes. For this reason, I chose to pair this dish with an american Red Zinfandel. The notes of a red zin are red fruits, leathery, smoky etc… The tannins cut through the olive oil and balance out the fatty and the sea salt and fruit compote create a sweet and savory party in your mouth paired with the red zin, flawless.

My choice of Red Zinfandel was the 2007 Starry Night Old Vine Zinfandel from Starry Night Winery.
Cin cin and buon appetito!

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