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Blue Fish Estate Bottled Riesling 2010 Vintage



How many of you remember the days when drinking German Riesling meant buying a bottle of the heavilly chaptalized sweet “Blue Nun”? Those days are officially over and German Riesling is now known by many critics as the world’s finest white wine grape variety.

The Niederkirchener Winery is a winery of large scale production. It is located in the wine district of the Pfalz and is the largest and most respected winery in the region. The Niederkirchen Vineyards are located close to the Rhine River but a bit southerly where temps. are slightly warmer. As you can see on the map above, the Pfalz Region is near the German border with Alsace, France.

I’m more into supporting boutique, small production wineries. Although, when the quality still is noticeable in a large production wine, why not drink it! Actually, Blue Fish won two gold medals at the San Francisco International Wine Competition in 2006 as well as achieving top rankings at the Cincinatti Wine Festival at the International Wine Challenge and at Mundus Vini. Blue Fish, which started importing into the United States in 2005, is now on the top 100 list of imported brands in the U.S.A. Pretty impressive I would say…

The 2010 Blue Fish dry Riesling is a clear wine with no sediment and a beautiful Golden color.
On the nose, this is a clean, unfaulty wine with medium intensity. The bouquet gives off elegant hints of ripe peaches, lemons, lychee fruit, butterscotch, petroleum and a chalky minerality.

On the palate the Blue Fish Riesling is a wine with a light mouthfeel and polished acidity. Tannins are at a very low level being that Riesling is a white, light skinned grape. This wine is very fresh and crisp with Apricot, lemon, peaches, slight hint of chalk and orange blossom. The finish is of a medium length.

Overall, I found the 2010 Blue Fish Riesling to be a very well balanced, elegant wine for the price. I would definitely keep a few bottles around for the summer to pair with spicy Thai, spicy Southeast Asian cuisine or Peruvian Seafood Ceviche and Rocoto pepper. With an alcohol level of only 12.5% this is an easy drinking enjoyable wine. Find this wine online for roughly $7.99-$10.00. A great summer wine. Serve chilled and enjoy! And yes, we are screwcap friendly at Cantinetta Vintners…

Wine Districts of Bourdeaux


Bourdeaux, the land of Cabernet, Merlot, Semillon and Sauv. Blanc… Heard of the famous Sauternes? Its a beautiful golden Botrytis dessert wine from Bordeaux made from Semillon and Sauv. Blanc. The left side of the River Gironde, better known as the left bank, is where the Cabernet grape is grown. The right bank is known for growing Merlot. There are about 50 appellation d’origine contrôlée (Aoc’s) applicable to the Bordeaux region. These wines pair really well with regional food such as Coq au Vin and Steak au Poivre… Sauternes pair really well with Foie Gras.

Bodega El Porvenir Laborum Single Vineyard Malbec 2011



It has been a while since I tasted such a well balanced Malbec made in a true European Style. The Bodega el Porvenir Laborum Malbec is from Denominacion Salta which is located in the northern part of Argentina. This is home to Bodegas el Porvenir de los Andes whose vineyards are grown at an altitude of roughly 5,740 feet in the Andes foothills. El Porvenir de los Andes was founded in 1890 by a family of Italian immigrants who settled in the Cafayate Valley.

Argentina is the fifth largest producer of wine in the world. The country had at one time a larger amount of local consumers. However, economic downturn and spiralling inflation have caused their domestic consumption to reduce. At the same time a shift in political attitudes opened up Argentina’s borders and investors from the USA and Europe invested heavily in vineyard and winery projects.

On appearance, this wine shows to be clear with no sediment. It is of a medium intensity with a beautiful deep purple color and ruby rim. Long, slow legs give signs of a medium alcohol wine.

This wine has a youthful aroma with up front vanilla bean that hits you right away. Lovely ripe cherries, stewed plums, blackberries and dry dark soil. There is also some presence of old world wood hence the baking spice. Other aromas are of roses black pepper and saddle leather.

On the palate the Bodega el Porvenir Laborum Malbec is an off dry wine with a medium bodied mouthfeel that is not overpowering at all instead very balanced. For the fruit component I can confir with the nose with the addition of red apple. A very nice level of oak with dry dark soil, roses, white pepper and leather permeate the palate. Tannin levels are a medium plus. Alcohol is a medium with mouth watering acidity.

A true racy wine that pairs excellent with baked Argentine empanadas, stuffed with fatty ground beef and salty olives to balance out the tannin levels. Imported in Miami by Graziano Imports and Distributor of fine wines. A wine that you must try which is sold in various South Florida establishments. It has a rating of 91 points by Robert Parker. I’m not a really big rating fan but at least it’s a good guideline to go by…