Robert Mondavi Private Selection Cabernet 2011 vintage



California’s Climate is known to fluctuate greatly depending on the region. One particular well known region is called the Central Coast and covers the location between Monterey Bay and Point Conception. Here exists a type of micro climate with small seasonal and daily temperature ranges. Examples of this micro climate are coastal fog throughout the summer months, cool and dry coastal areas, hot and dry interior valleys, and areas of more rainfall than others. This is an area of an ancient volcano with a varying terroir of lava, silt, sand and soil.

In this specific wine growing region, there are more than a handful of top class wineries. One very well known name is Robert Mondavi who had a personal philosophy of ‘whatever you do, put yourself into it.’ This personal philosophy has been instilled in the wine makers at the winery and it shows in the quality of Mondavi wines.

One particular wine in the Robert Mondavi portfolio which is amazing and very price friendly is the Robert Mondavi Private Selection Cabernet 2011 vintage. With only 13.5% alcohol by volume, it is a very easy drinking wine. The color is a beautiful deep purple with a ruby rim.

This young cabernet has lovely aromas of ripe plums, ripe cherries and strawberries with a hint of dry soil from the terroir. The Private Selection Cabernet needs time for the aromas to open up but keeps revealing lovely ripe fruit as one drinks it.

On the palate, this wine has a medium plus mouth feel with medium plus tannins and high racy acidity that keeps one salivating for more. The finish is a medium plus showing signs of a great food wine that would definitely stand up to a delicious fatty steak (to balance out the tannins in the wine).

All in all, I think the Robert Mondavi Private Selection Cabernet Sauvignon 2011 is a lovely choice that all your guests will enjoy. In Florida, one may find this wine at many places, the easiest being Publix Supermarkets which are everywhere. Retailing at a price starting from $9-$13, this wine is a must try and one to keep at home for pairing with a great meal. Cin Cin!

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