U.K. Government to Auction It’s Wines


For the first time ever, carefully selected lots (batches) of wine from the U.K. Government wine cellar with an estimated value of roughly $75,258 will be showcased in Christie’s Fine and Rare Wines on March 21, 2013. These iconic wines include half a case of 1970 Chateaux Petrus, a full case of the 1986 Le Pin and another case of the 1986 Chateaux Mouton-Rothschild.

What some people don’t know is that the U.K. Government has an amazing hospitality cellar in Lancaster House, near Buckingham Palace. This cellar is stocked and monitored by an expert panel that includes government officials and wine industry advisors. This very select wine collection is used for special government functions…

‘The government has a huge quantity of wine and is selling bottles that are approaching or are at peak drinking’ explained David Ellswood, Christie’s International Head of Wine. ‘They are rationalising their cellar, making sure they don’t have too much of a particular wine’

Apparently, Christie’s will make this a routine auction for high-value wines from the U.K. Government cellar that have not been “rotated” since their initial purchase.

In my opinion, modern wines are made to be young and drinkable and many are of amazing quality. I feel there is no need for novice aficionados to go running to Christie’s London or the internet and place a bid. Although owning an iconic bottle of 1970 Petrus from the U.K. Government would be pretty amazing!

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