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February 20 was a fun night of learning… And who doesn't love learning about new and fun topics right? I am registered on meetup which e-mails out events that meetups in your chosen area are having (highly recommend it) and this is how I heard of the event. This extremely interesting event was held at the Miami Dade College (Wolfson Campus) and put together by Refresh Miami and Chat Chow Tv. Refresh Miami is a a web and tech meetup community and Chat Chow Tv is a vivid, mouthwatering video podcast where they go behind the scenes with the chefs, owners and mixologists of the food industry. Entrance was free and VIP tickets were sold for a mere $25 for those who wanted to sit in the first two rows. I registered late, so I sat in the middle of the third row (great view by the way).

The theme of the night was “where technology meets food”. Invited chefs were Travis Starwalt from Tuyo Restaurant and celebrity chef Giorgio Rapicavoli of a Miami popup restaurant called Eating House. The third guest was Chuck Woodward, owner of ChillN nitrogen Ice cream Miami (who is still actually a Junior in college). Wow! What a fun line-up…

I learned how some not so commonly used but easy to find ingredients (such as xantham gum, tapioca, maltodextrin and agar agar) can change the texture and actual composition of food as we know it. Techniques such as spherification where juices and other liquids are transformed into small spherical beads were also demonstrated. By the way, I got to sample these delicious and very unique culinary creations including the Nitrogen ice cream and found them all to be amazing! Did you know that nitrogen is the same NOS product being used in race cars today? All-in-all this proved to be a very interesting and inspiring evening with some extremely innovative, young and talented chefs and entrepreneurs. What made it really special was that this event was treated more like a TED event. So what events are in your area? Why not find out!

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