The “Great Selection” Chianti Classico Consortium


In a process that started more than two years ago with the intentions to revive the Chianti Classico name, the Chianti Classico consortium did a few new things. Last year, in 2012, the consortium voted on ascending the quality pyramid one level to include another category. Well, at the Stazione Leopolda in Florence, Italy at an event called the Chianti Classico Collection (Feb. 18-20) that new category name was released among the new make-over of the well known black rooster logo. This new category will be known as “Great Selection” and will be the elite of the Chianti collection.

“It closes a process that began more than two years ago with the specific intent to revive the name through a series of changes to the specification designed to accommodate quell’innalzamento product quality achieved by our wines in recent years,” said Sergio Zingarelli, President of the Consortium Chianti Classico wine. I am sure that with these new tools we will be able to meet the challenges of the future with a set of rules that can make Chianti Classico stronger in front of the growing international competition. I thank all the social body, the Board of Directors and the President who preceded me, we have all contributed to this important milestone. “

So now the pyramid will be Chianti, Chianti Classico, and Great Selection at the very top. The black rooster was relocated from the official seal to the bottle neck for more visibility. Seems like a fresh new approach. Maybe it could be a marketing ploy or a brand make-over. Who knows but it sounds good to me. Meanwhile, we will have to stay on alert for the new category wines with new logo…

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