Design Within Reach Champagne Chair Contest



How many of you have heard of the Design Within Reach Champagne Chair Contest? I learned about it from my wife Katerina who is an industrial designer. The concept for this contest was born at a new years eve party where Design Within Reach’s owner Rob Forbes and his creative guests were. Apparently one of the guests started to play with a cork and the wire and everyone was hooked! This suddenly became a repetitive company tradition. In 2012, contestants were asked to send their entries by digital picture in order to minimize the waste the event had accumulated in years past.

The above pics are my take on the whole idea of the competition. I did not actually submit them by the way. I used whatever I had at home at the time, prosecco. I made my chair about four years ago and found it again floating around the house one day recently. This made me think how cool it would be to do a short post about the subject! Learn more at dwr champagne chair. I must admit, its pretty addictive. Give it a try and post your pics on my Cantinettavintners facebook page wall. Hope to see them…

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