Seared Jumbo Sea Scallops with a Black Truffle Foam and Crispy Wine Battered Curly Parsley


The other day while looking for new, fun and creative ideas to pair wine and food in my test kitchen, I came up with this delicious, easy recipe. My inspiration is an amazing book which I have in my collection called Edible Selby (highly recommend it!). The ingredients are few and the techniques are very simple… And best of all it only takes less than half an hour to make!

For the ingredients, you will need curly or regular parsley, jumbo sea scallops, flour, olive oil, butter, truffle oil or truffle juice from can, white wine (for batter), salt, pepper, heavy cream, and lecithin.

The white wine batter is really simple! In a small bowl add 3-4 tablespoons baking flour and slowly pour white wine ( I used a Sauv. Blanc) while whisking. Heat olive oil in a pan on high heat and when really hot, lower to Medium. Dip as many single parsley stalks with leaves as needed to garnish your scallops and let excess batter drip off. Insert battered parsley into hot olive oil and flip when golden on each side and voila! Lay parsley on a small plate lined with paper towel and set aside. This will be used for garnish later on.

First off, rinse and dry the scallops. At the store, a preserving liquid is used to keep scallops looking beautiful. Next, season scallops with salt and pepper and melt one teaspoon of butter and one of olive oil in a frying pan on high heat. When pan starts to slowly smoke, add your scallops and turn heat down to medium. Do not move scallops for 3 minutes. Please resist the urge to constantly be moving scallops around! A crispy crust will not form. After 3 minutes turn scallops over for 3 more minutes. Now you have perfectly seared scallops like at the top restaurants!

Meanwhile, for the black truffle foam, add cream for body, salt, truffle oil and lecithin and whisk until a foamy consistency is reached. When your scallops are golden and crispy on the bottom sides and whitish in the center, dry them out on a plate lined with paper towel. Now you are ready to assemble. I used a bed of edible non-pesticide rose petals to give some color to this somewhat white dish. Then place 3 scallops per plate placing two scallops flat and the edge of the third on top of the two for beautiful height. spoon on some truffle foam over the scallops and top with curly fried parsley for some fresh “crunch”.

Everyone will be amazed when you serve them this dish utilizing modern techniques and since very little wine is used up, the rest is left for you to enjoy with your meal. I used a Sauv. Blanc from New Zealand but a young, fresh and racy Pinot Grigio also pairs well with this dish.


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One Comment on “Seared Jumbo Sea Scallops with a Black Truffle Foam and Crispy Wine Battered Curly Parsley”

  1. Irene Caplan
    February 9, 2013 at 4:15 pm #

    What a delicious recipe. It is not easy for me to find scallops in the Coop but I can assure you that whenever I come across them I will make your scallops. I think you know, scallops are my favourite food!! The pairing with wine, really cold, sounds so delicious my mouth is watering!! Lots of love;MA

    Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2013 21:43:32 +0000 To:

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