Azienda Agricola Castello Di Fonterutoli Mix 36, 2008 Famiglia Mazzei


The Fonterutoli winery is located 5 km south of Castellina in Chianti (Siena), on the hills facing the Val d’Elsa, in the heart of the Chianti Classico region. Owned by the Mazzei family since 1435, it’s still in the original form of a small country village including a group of houses, the church of San Miniato and the villa, built at the end of the 1500s where the medieval castle once stood.

The Fonterutoli estate claims a total surface area of 650 hectares. 117 of these hectares are dedicated to specific vineyards, divided between five areas. These include Fonterutoli, Siepi, Badiola, Belvedere and Caggio, located between 230 and 500 meters above sea level. These vineyards face in a southerly and southwesterly direction. I had the privilege of taking a private tour of the estate and tasting their lineup of fabulous wines. One of my personal favorites being their Mix 36 which is made up of 36 clones of the Sangiovese Grape. Wow that’s a lot! So here it is, the breakdown of their 2008 Mix 36.

The Mix 36’s appearance is clear with no sediment. It has a medium high intensity and the color is an amazingly beautiful garnet with a ruby rim variation. The legs are medium plus showing signs of a higher alcohol wine.

On the nose, the mix 36 is sound and clean. The intensity is a medium plus with a youthful bouquet. This wine has esters of ripe cherries, stewed plums, and razzberries. Mineral notes of wet stone, clay, and forest leaves are also present. A strong, up front aroma of baking spice (mainly vanilla bean) jump out of the stemware giving signs of old oak with a higher degree of char. One also senses esters of black pepper and violet flowers.

On the palate, this wine is off dry and has a medium bodied mouthfeel. I can confirm with the nose that this wine boasts exquisite hints of ripe cherries, razzberries, and stewed plums. The mix 36 incorporates earthy notes of dry clay and dry forest leaves. There is a high presence on the palate of vanilla bean. Other sensory tastes include black pepper, violet flowers and rosemary. This wine has a medium plus degree of alcohol with both high tannins and acidity. The complexity is of a medium plus. The Mix 36 has a lovely medium plus length in the finish. Overall, a very pleasant, balanced, easy drinking wine that is not as full bodied as the others in the Fonterutoli lineup. Enjoy with an Italian meal or aperitivo! By the way, 2008 was a very good vintage in Tuscany especially for the Sangiovese grapes…

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