Fattoria del Pino Montalcino, Siena





Located in the township of Montalcino, Fattoria del Pino is a small wine producer. The owner is a woman called Jessica Pellegrini. The moment I arrived to her fattoria, I already felt great vibes. Jessica has a very charming and bubbly personality and is extremely down to earth. This definitely reflects in her wines. She hand picks around the time of the full moon and hand bottles her wine. Jessica has a very interesting wine-making philosophy. She thinks that all the cats, dogs and horses on her farm should roam free and this philosophy of freedom is who she is…

The fattoria has a total of 6 hectares of planted Vinifera vines of 100% Sangiovese and her wines are also 100% biologico (organic)… Jessica’s is a self-taught winemaker who is a walking encyclopedia of wine knowledge. She first started making wine in September of 2012. Since there are so many vintners in the town of Montalcino, Jessica sets herself apart from the rest and keeps on the cutting edge by using Slovenian oak to age her wines instead of french oak (which is more common). This Slovenian oak gives her wines an interesting characteristic such as esters of orange blossom in her Brunello which are mainly present in white wines. Also instead of the usual baking spices (such as vanilla bean) found in wines aged in french barriques, the Slovenian Oak gives her wine’s esters and flavors of spices such as bay leaf and black pepper. Her IGT is 100% Sangiovese and her Rosso di Montalcino is aged for 1 year in oak.

Among many experienced vintners in Montalcino, young Jessica is taking a huge risk with her wines, not knowing if they will fair well in the future. But her extreme passion for wines and the land keep her ticking. She is a courageous sweet person for whom I wish all the best…

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