Casa Lapostolle Cuvee Alexandre Merlot 2008 Colchagua Valley Chile


On the tasting table today, here is the break-down of a really amazing Chilean Merlot, the Casa Lapostolle Cuvee Alexandre vintage 2008.

Casa Lapostolle is a Chilean/French operation. The French part belongs to the Marnier-Lapostolle Family who is best known for the Grand Marnier Liqueur!

Lapostolle owns 3 separate vineyards in Colchagua and this Merlot is from their Apalta Vineyard.

It is composed of 85% Merlot, the remainder being 15% Carmeniere…

I generally am not a huge fan of Merlot but the perfect balance of tannins, acidity and palate-pleasing notes in this wine really won me over…

This wine has no signs of sediment so if you don’t own a decanter, no worries (aerate in bottle once opened).

The color is a deep purple with a ruby rim and has a medium plus viscosity judging by the legs…

On the nose, the intensity is a medium plus…

The fruit aromas are of black cherry, blackberries, plums and a slight hint of blueberries.

I also sensed the presence of baking spice right off the bat which gives me a hint of “Old World” wood char.

On the palate, the sweetness level is off dry and is a medium bodied wine…

I have to agree with the nose on the fruit notes and the baking spice.

I also tasted notes of violet flower, chocolate and a slight hint of bacon.

The tannins and alcohol level were medium high and this wine had a long and very enjoyable finish.

For $19.00 I highly recommend this Merlot and it will definitely change your opinion of Merlot!

For pairing suggestions, I recommend Tuna, salmon, duck, beef, and lamb dishes. Cheeses that go well with Merlot are aged cheddar, parmiggiano, and smoked Gouda…

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