Asian Fusion Salmon Wasabi Tartare


I promised you all, and here it is! My Asian Fusion Salmon Tartare…

It’s a big hit and I have been preparing this dish for a long time now. Everyone loves it! What makes it Asian Fusion style? Well first of all, traditional tartare like the one prepared in France, is made with dijon mustard, black pepper, olive oil, and capers. This has an Asian style twist to it…

My really good friend Chef Anaru Mareikura from New Zealand was a big inspiration in teaching me various Asian Fusion culinary Techniques.

Sure, you can make your wasabi mustard from scratch but usually due to time constraints, I use the Inglehoffer Wasabi Mustard (highly recommend it if you live in the states). If not, buy a tube of wasabi paste, and mix with a bit of mayonnaise. You will need about 1/3-1/2 pounds fresh salmon fillet per person. Ask your fish monger to fillet the skin off. You will also need a good quality demerara cane sugar, some fresh dillweed, Kikkoman lite soy sauce, haas avocados and cucumbers.

First, you want to dice the salmon into small cubes like in the pic above and place in a mixing bowl. Next add a teaspoon or two of the Demerara cane Sugar, soy sauce (enough to cover salmon but not drench), wasabi mustard, chopped dill and mix together.

Cut off the very ends of the cucumbers and zebra cut. This is when you get a vegetable peeler and run it lengthwise over the cucumber leaving one stripe with skin on and taking skin off for the next stripe (this technique helps keep cucumber firm and looks beautiful too). You also want to dice the cucumber the same size as the salmon.

Cut the avocados in half and smash with a fork or potato masher in a separate small bowl.

Now, you are ready to assemble! I like using plating rings which give you that beautiful tower effect. They are really cheap at any kitchen shop. Start with a base of salmon, then avocado puree, then more salmon, and top with cucumber. Slowly release plating ring by lifting the ring. Lightly dust perimeter of plate with smoked paprika and Voila!

Soy sauce dishes go very well with New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs. My wine pairing suggestion is the 2011 Spy Valley Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough New Zealand.

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