Acidity in wine


How many of you have heard of the term “acidity” in wine? It gets mentioned a lot. “Wow, this is a really acidic wine”… Acidic wines really make your mouth water!

In wine tasting, the term “acidity” refers to the tart and sour qualities of a wine. Acidity plays a big role in how it balances out the sweet and bitter components of the wine. Malic and tartaric acids are the primary acids in wine grapes.

As the grapes ripen, sugar levels increase and acidity decreases. Still with me? Hang in there, this is interesting stuff…

Hence, places such as the Rheingau in Germany, will produce wines with more acid because of the cooler weather. Warmer climates will produce riper fruit with less acid. It’s basically the same principle if you compare a very ripe mango from the tropics or a green less ripe apple from Europe… So pay attention the next time you taste a wine. If it really makes your mouth water and is very tart, it is generally a wine from a cooler climate such as Old World Europe. Good luck in your next tasting!

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