Trimbach Alsatian Riesling

How many of you knew that France produces Riesling Wine? Well, they actually do in a small province called Alsace.

Alsace is located on the West Bank of the upper Rhine next to Germany and Switzerland. Because of war, many Swiss and Germans fled to Alsace to live in the mid 18’th century.

An example of an Alsatian Riesling is the Trimbach Riesling, one of Wine Spectator’s top 100 wines of 2009. It’s not as fruity as it’s German counterpart.

The nose has no up-front aromas. On the palate, one tastes notes of green apple, pine needles, and pear, high acidity and chalk dust. This Riesling is very dry with no tannins. A medium finish and a very refreshing wine. Pair with white fish dishes, or grilled pork chops and apple sauce. For $16.99, I think the 2009, is a great choice. Let me know how it goes!

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