Coconut curry butternut squash soup with oven roasted pepitas

Coconut curry butternut squash soup with oven roasted pepitas

Hey guys… Heres a simple, very delicious, seasonal soup that I love.

The point is not to bore you with long recipes but to give you ideas and let you create.

Medium dice a butternut squash or two and add to boiling water.

Save seeds and mix with olive oil and sea salt and oven roast till crunchy (this will add crunch and serve as garnish) then set aside when done.

Boil Butternut squash until soft to the touch with a fork (skin on). Strain when done and when cooled, cut skin off.

Add coconut oil and garlic to a stock pot.

Next, add curry and lightly fry to release flavors (the secret to cooking with curry).

Then add butternut squash, chicken stock, and coconut milk. If needed, add water to make more quantity. Add to blender or hand mixer and blend.

Put this blend back into stock pot and add ground ginger, ground nutmeg, cinnamon powder, ground clove, black pepper and sea salt to taste. Boil on high and then select simmer.

Let soup simmer till flavors incorporate. Serve and top with pepitas (roasted seeds) and microgreens. My pairing suggestion is the 2009 Trimbach Alsatian Riesling…Enjoy!

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One Comment on “Coconut curry butternut squash soup with oven roasted pepitas”

  1. Nikki
    November 9, 2012 at 5:36 am #

    Yummy. I’m definitely making this! What wine would you recommend with this?

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